Professional Associations

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Professional association networking opportunities are very important, so be prepared and professional. Work on your networking skills ahead of time.

Professional associations are a great way to expand your network, learn about internship and job opportunities, and develop professionally. Many local and national professional associations welcome student involvement, with some offering free or discounted membership to students. Professional association websites often list job openings as well as national and local networking events; some even host their own career fairs. Check for a chapter or local meetings in your area which may be open to students or new graduates.

Examples of Active Professional Associations:

Find a professional association that is a good fit for your career goals by conducting research:

  • Review professional association websites. Do they have networking events, job boards, career fairs?
  • Ask alumni or professionals in your target industry which associations have been most helpful in their journey.
  • Consider the professionals who list the professional association on their LinkedIn, are they in positions or companies that interest you?

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.