Volunteer Opportunities

Community Service Resource Center (CSRC) is dedicated to maintaining up-to-date listings of community service organizations in the Davis area and beyond. We have over 500 service listings, covering a wide range of volunteer opportunities that may be browsed using the search feature.

Our database serves as a directory of community service organizations both in the local area and abroad. We welcome suggestions for new additions - if you are aware of an organization doing good work in the community but don't see it listed in our database, please let us know.

Should you have any questions regarding specific opportunities or volunteer service in general, drop us a line! Community Service Resource Center staff may be reached Monday through Friday, at communityservice@ucdavis.edu.

How to use our Search Engine

  1. Choose a location.
  2. Enter any keywords you think might narrow your search (i.e., health, youth, animals - leave blank to view all).
  3. Hit 'search'.
  4. A list of services will come up that contained the keywords you chose. From that list, click the titles of community service opportunities that interest you.
  5. A program description, contact info, and location will open below the community service link. Click links again to hide the additional information.
  6. If you have found what you're looking for, you can reach the contact person directly and they can help you set up service.
  7. Still have questions? communityservice@ucdavis.edu.
Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer opportunities listed here are provided for informational purposes only. UC Davis recommends every volunteer applicant complete his/her own research about the placement opportunity to make sure it fits the applicants needs and goals. UC Davis does not verify the accuracy of the information.