Gap Year Experience

Start the search for opportunities after graduation with these resources and opportunities:

  1. Fellowships
    • What is a fellowship?
      A fellowship is a short term opportunity (ranging from months to years) in a variety of disciplines focused on professional development in a specialized program. Fellowships can include research opportunities working with faculty and graduate students on different types of projects. Some research fellowships allow you to work under the guidance of faculty and develop more technical skills which can help prepare for graduate school. Fellowships may be offered at universities, organizations, and more. Some fellowships are compensated through stipends or other forms of compensation.
  2. Volunteer Service Opportunities
    • Teaching Abroad
      An opportunity to teach English or another language abroad can be found through different agencies and organizations who connect teachers with schools around the world or across the country. If you are interested in travelling and teaching abroad, first research teaching abroad programs in the countries you are interested in (each country's programs may vary). Next, reach out to the program's recruiter to learn more and attend information sessions to apply.
    • Americorps, Volunteering
      Organizations such as Americorps offer voluntary opportunities to graduates, connecting them to opportunities to teach, build, gain professional development skills, and give back to communities. There are various sectors you can apply your skills and knowledge in, such as disaster relief, environmental stewardship, and more. Voluntary programs like Americorps, may offer compensation such as living stipends, insurance, and more.
      Organizations like Americorps and Peace Corps have different programs within the organization in different sectors. For example, there is Americorp Vista, City Year, and Civic Spark are different programs associated with Americorps, offering a range of different types of opportunities. Locations for the programs and length of the opportunity may range from the program selected.
    • Engineering Opportunities
      Engineering Abroad (national/international) is an opportunity to use your engineering knowledge skills to build and design engineering projects to help communities all over the world and country find solutions for their infrastructure needs. Volunteer opportunities can range from working on water purification to building shelter, while working with fellow engineers from various backgrounds. In addition to helping communities, engineering abroad offers opportunities working in different landscapes and various projects for professional growth.
  3. Post Baccalaureate Programs - Continuing Professional Education
    • Certification Programs
      Interested in another concentration or developing more skills? Consider enrolling in continuing education programs which offer certifications or specializations for the field you are interested in. Some colleges and higher education institutions offer continuing and professional education programs which offer a variety of courses and programs that you can take to be certified in specialized topics.
    • Coursera and EdX Programs
      Take Specialized courses from various universities online offered on Coursera Such as courses in Marketing, Data Analytics, other skills you may not have been exposed to and learned. This is a great way to build up skills and learn more before entering the workforce or graduate school.
    • Bootcamp Programs (Coding)
      Looking to build up your coding skills or a career path change? Bootcamp programs may be something you may be interested in, they offer non-traditional paths to tech careers and hands on experience with coding projects. Some bootcamps have Income Share Agreements (ISA), which are financial agreements where the student does not need to pay for the tuition of the bootcamp until they are hired and then pay a percentage of their salary for a defined period of time. It is suggested to research the bootcamps prior to applying as Income Share Agreements may differ for each program.

Lastly, prior to applying to these opportunities, be sure to visit the Internship and Career Center to review your resume, cover letter, and/or meet with a peer advisor or Career Advisor.