Resume and Materials

When applying for a job or internship, employers usually require an assortment of written materials such as:

  • Resume/CV
    A concise summary of your education, experience, skills and accomplishments.
  • Cover letter
    A brief letter that introduces you and your resumes and explains why you are a good fit for an opportunity.
  • References
    A list of 3-5 people you have worked with who can attest to your work performance, time management, punctuality, professionalism and ability to do the work.
  • Writing sample
    A good example of your writing skills that demonstrates you have the necessary writing (and often research skills) to complete required tasks of the position you seek.
  • Portfolio
    A collection of your best work. Common when applying for creative positions.

These are marketing documents that, if designed well, can promote you for an interview. They identify what skills, education, and experience you offer to an employer. Use the advice and resources offered on these pages to help put your best foot forward.