Funding Your Experience

I’m interested in interning/working abroad, but I’m worried about finances.

Piggy bank

Living and traveling abroad can be expensive. However, there are definitely ways to make it happen. First, consider your personal finances, and get an idea of where you are financially. Second, if you know you will be on a tighter budget abroad, research countries with lower costs of living. There are many countries where a U.S. dollar can go a long way. Next, research funded internship opportunities. Funding can include a direct stipend or wage , having your visa paid for, having program costs covered by the company, etc. Not all internships are unpaid, so definitely search out these opportunities. Make a budget before you go abroad so you can monitor your spending and not worry about being low on cash. If your internship includes a stipend or you are working at a paid position, make sure to obtain the correct visa well in advance or know the necessary steps to obtain one upon your arrival at your destination.

If you have more questions, you can schedule an appointment with Study Abroad Financial Aid.