I’m interested in interning abroad. What are some things I should know?


Interning abroad is a remarkable opportunity, but it’s also a big decision. There will be a decent amount of prep work before even going abroad (research, applying, preparing to leave), and the transition may be challenging when you get there. However, these challenges are manageable and can be overcome. Additionally, the benefits of an international internship can greatly outweigh these potential challenges.

Potential Challenges of Interning Abroad

  • Finding an internship
  • Application and visa process
  • Finances
  • Culture shock and adjustment
  • Cultural differences and adjustment
  • Potential safety concerns
  • Potential diversity issues
  • Language barrier
  • Missing home
  • Learning curve
  • Making friends abroad

Personal Benefits of Living Abroad

  • Experience a new culture and a different lifestyle
  • Increase cultural literacy
  • Try new foods
  • Develop life skills and increase independence and confidence

Career Development Benefits

  • Increase marketability to employers in a growing global economy
  • Gain real-world understanding of diversity and cultural literacy
  • Demonstrate flexibility and initiative
  • Improve language skills or learn a new language
  • Develop a global perspective to benefit a future career


  • Gain an international perspective for your field
  • Hear new ideas/learn new ways of approaching problems
  • Contribute ideas from home
  • Experience a different style of work