I have secured a job/internship! What are some things I should know moving forward?

Congratulations! You secured a position. Here is a list of next steps to start working on:

  • If you don’t already have a passport, start the application process, because it can take several months.
  • Start the visa requirements/application process. If you need an appointment, you should book one ASAP, because they can book out several months.
  • Meet with your advisors to determine your plans work with your academic requirements and to determine any actions you need to take before leaving.
  • Start researching the country and city where you will be living. Read about the culture, weather, safety tips, money, and health concerns (ie vaccinations). Ask their physician to list the vaccines on a WHO yellow card. These are internationally recognized as legitimate vaccine records, and are required for vaccines such as yellow fever. Check out the Handbook for Internships Abroad for more information.
  • Buy plane tickets! If you are responsible for your transportation, start looking at plane tickets. Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper they are. You can also use websites/apps like Hopper and SkyScanner to track trends in prices to get a more affordable ticket.
  • Start looking for housing. It is less stressful to secure your housing before leaving so you will know you have a place to live, but it can also be good to see where you will live before you sign a lease. Check with your future employer; they may have a list of preferred housing for reference. Definitely read up on the culture around finding housing.
  • Start researching trips you may want to take or places to visit. Making a bucket list can be a fun way to keep track of your experiences.
  • You can also start making a list of things you will want to pack and things you may need to buy. You should make sure to pack anything that you will not be able to purchase abroad (i.e. prescriptions or specific soaps if you have sensitive skin).
  • Make a budget to help you manage your money and make the most out of your experience.