Social Media and Online Networking

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Social media websites can be used strategically in your job search. For example, LinkedIn allows you to search for open positions in their "Jobs" menu tab, and provides networking opportunities within and beyond your personal network. Additionally, you could use a Twitter account (most likely separate from your personal account) to tweet at or about companies and organizations in your career field of interest. Remember, the social media landscape is constantly changing.

Clean up

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter should not contain any material that you would not want a future boss to see. Remove any inappropriate photographs (use the grandmother test: if you wouldn't want her to see it, eliminate it), expletives, complaints about your job or your boss and any potentially controversial material. Consider adjusting your privacy settings on social media profiles to the highest possible level. Photo sharing sites should follow the same set of standards.

Create a professional online presence

If an employer does an internet search for your name, it is a benefit to you if your name appears. It gives the impression that you are involved in recent digital trends and implies a grasp of digital skills. Additionally, the internet provides an excellent way to supplement traditional application materials that you submit with a more comprehensive view of your qualities and interests. Create a LinkedIn profile (more information below) outlining your career goals and past experience. It may help to start a blog covering an area related to your field. It will impress a potential boss to see your intelligent and well-written submission to a discussion board on the website or LinkedIn page of a related professional organization. If you are looking for jobs or internships in a creative field, develop an online portfolio showcasing your projects.

Keep it positive

Ensure that all your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts have a positive tone. Employers want to hire people with a good attitude. Never air grievances about a boss or coworker on the internet. Avoid complaining about relationships or schoolwork on a public forum. Make an effort to strategically post upbeat and well-worded updates about your job search, interests, and educational or extracurricular pursuits to the appropriate sites.


1. Review tips and guidance on creating a profile our LinkedIn profile check list page.

2. Go to LinkedIn, search "Groups" for UC Davis Internship and Career Center, and click Join!


LinkedIn is an online networking site that allows you to create a profile and connect with professionals you may not otherwise have access to. Follow companies, join groups and search for jobs! You can even schedule an appointment to have ICC staff review your LinkedIn profile. Attend the Networking and LinkedIn workshop for additional online networking tips.