Using AI in your Job Search

Tips on how to use AI in your job and internship search effectively and ethically

  • ChatGPT and other generative AI tools do not provide the expertise or holistic, individualized approach that career counseling does. We encourage you to use our drop-in advising and appointments to get well-rounded recommendations and support.
  • Exercise caution when sharing personally identifiable information with chatbots/AI.
  • Be sure to carefully review the content it provides and check for accuracy, bias, and authenticity.
  • To preserve your privacy, remove personal details from your resume such as name, phone number, email, address
  • You can configure your settings so that ChatGPT does not save your chat history or use it to train its model

Sample Prompts to Use

  • Writing Your Resume
  • Our recommendation for formatting your resume bullet points is to write Accomplishment Statements in the following formula: Action Verb + Context + Result AI can help you format your experience into accomplishment statements and tailor them to the specific job description

    Sample Prompts:
    - Write resume achievements with metrics based on this responsibility (include a specific responsibility).
    - Review my resume like an expert coach and let me know five specific changes I can make based on this job description

    Considerations: Check for any irregularities or details that don't match your experience
  • Tailoring Resume
  • Many jobs utilize AI to scan your resume for a match of keywords from their job description- it's important to tailor your resume to match the specific job you are applying to.

    AI can help you identify these keywords and incorporate them into your resume!

    Sample Prompts:
    - What are 10 keywords from this job description that are missing from my resume? (paste in job description and resume details)
    - How can I incorporate these into my resume?

    Considerations: You can only incorporate keywords/skills that you actually have experience with!
  • Writing A Cover Letter
  • Some jobs will require cover letters, and AI can help you move from the brainstorming stage to the writing and editing stage.

    Sample Prompts:
    - Write a 3-paragraph cover letter in a formal tone using experiences from my resume that align with this job description (paste job description)
    - Compose a professional cover letter demonstrating how my abilities align with the requirements for the [position] at [company]. Use the information below as a guide.

    - Remember that you will need to proofread and customize your cover letter; what AI provides is a starting point but should not be the final draft.
    - It's important that your letter reflects your authentic voice that will carry through in your interview.
  • Networking
  • You can use AI to help as you prepare for Career Fairs and informational interviews and as you expand your network.

    Sample Prompts:
    - Based on my resume, generate a short and engaging elevator pitch I can use for networking.
    - Generate a 300-character message for LinkedIn connection request based on [insert person's profile].
    - What are five questions I should ask in an informational interview with [insert job title or LinkedIn profile]?

    Considerations: Remember to proofread and edit the message to ensure your authentic voice is represented
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • You have an interview coming up- you are likely excited and a bit nervous. AI can help you prepare in advance.

    We recommend using the SAR format to format your answers; or Situation- Action- Result

    Sample Prompts:
    - Please generate 10 first-round interview questions for this job description (paste in job description)
    - Now, please generate responses based on my resume (paste in resume) in the SAR answer format

    Considerations: Remember that AI is available to everyone and others may see the same response that you see; it's important to give the system specific and unique prompts to get better answers

Resources from the ICC:

Despite how helpful generative AI can be, it can't fully replace the in-depth personalized services of career advising. Here are some services we recommend to use in partnership with AI:

  • Career Resource Manual: our in-depth career guide with sample resumes, cover letters, interview tips and more
  • ResumeReview+: Our online service gives you feedback online within 5 business days
  • Drop-In Peer Advising: Come to ICC anytime Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. for 15 minute advising on resume, cover letter, job searching, Handshake and more
  • Career Advising Appointments: schedule 30 minute appointments with a career advisor in Handshake to go over resume, cover letter, mock interview, career exploration, and more