Company or Organization Websites

Many companies and organizations will advertise current openings on their own websites, within a "Careers," “Jobs” or “Job Opportunities” section. Positions will be listed along with information about how to apply and what materials must be submitted. You may also explore the "press release" or "news" section of their website to see what this company has planned for the future—this will be helpful information to know when writing cover letters, interviewing, or networking.

Key Resources & Tips:

Use your internet search engine to search for a employer’s name, such as “Chevron” or “Enterprise Rent-A-Car” along with the word “jobs.”  You can also conduct a search for the TYPE of business and the LOCATION, i.e.:  “Animal Hospitals, San Diego.”

If you want to find the names of employers in a particular location or region, the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, or local Rotary chapters may have lists of the region or city’s largest employers. Additionally, the local public library can offer ways to research names of local companies.